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Best Domain Name Services

Registering a domain name is a crucial step when you are preparing to launch a new website or blog. For this purpose, you need to find a domain name service or also known as registrar. Domain name services or registrars are companies that allow you to purchase a domain name that you can use for your website. These companies are accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which is a non-profit organization that responsible for the management of the Domain Name System.

Today there are so many domain name services you can find. Just by doing a quick search on Google, you may find thousands of them in minutes. Most domain name services are actually offering quite similar features, however just like any product or service, each of these companies has its own advantages and disadvantages. So in order to make the most of your money, there are a few important things to consider when choosing a domain name service.

Domain transfers policy

This is something a lot of people don’t think about when purchasing a domain name. Mainly because they have done their research and feel very confident about hosting their website in the same company where they purchase a domain name. However you shouldn’t take any chance because things can change quickly. Reading about the company and actually using their service are two different things, you may feel disappointed in the first week and decide to host your website somewhere else. So make sure you choose a service that makes it easy and inexpensive for you to transfer your domain.

Many domain name services will not allow you to transfer your domain before 60 days, while others won’t even allow you to do the transfer or charge a ridiculous amount of fee for that. You shouldn’t choose such service, because there are many companies out there that allow you to transfer your domain anytime with no charge.


This is usually the main focus whenever we’re looking for any product or service, as with domain name usually we’ll be given various pricing options. Most domain name services will give you the options to register your domain for one, three, five or ten years, with different pricing for each period of course. Some companies even allow you to register the domain for a longer period than ten years. Usually the longer period you choose the more discount you will get. However, if this is your first experience with a particular registrar, then it’s best to register for one year.

It’s really not that hard to compare the main pricing between one domain name service to others. What you really have to focus on is the hidden charges or additional costs that might occur. For example the renewal cost and domain transfer cost. Some companies offer a very cheap price for the first year or even free if you also purchase a hosting package, but then they charge ridiculously high for domain renewal, and when you decide to transfer your domain to get a better pricing they also charge you for your domain transfer.

Many domain name services tack on some added fees just when you’re about to finish making the purchase, one of the most common ones is the WHOIS registration and privacy protection fees. That’s why you shouldn’t just believe the price advertised by a registrar, because in the end you may have to pay a lot more than what is advertised.

Make sure you choose a domain name service that’s straightforward with their services and pricing. When you actually make a purchase pay attention to any tack on added fee or upsells. Sometimes you unintentionally add an upsell to the total price, so make sure that you only pay for what you need.

Customer support

Domain name is something that you will use for many years to come, especially if it’s for business, so you need to have an excellent customer support from the domain name service of your choice. Make sure their customer support is ready to help you 24/7 if possible through various channels, ideally by live chat, phone and email. The responsiveness of the customer support is a crucial thing to know. You can find out about it by reading reviews from past or current customers of the company. You can also try it yourself by sending a support request and see for yourself just how responsive they are.

Extra services

Most registrars offer more than just domain name registration. Usually they also offer web hosting, web development services, certificates, and more. It’s always good to have everything under one roof to make it simple to manage. Plus, if you purchase other services from the same company usually you will get more discount so you can save money.

That said, if you need more than just domain registration you should look for a company that can provide you with additional services that you need with a reasonable pricing and a good discount considering you purchase multiple services in the same place.

Drop catching

Usually in nearly all domain name services there is an option to activate the auto-renewal feature when you make a purchase, but some people for some reasons choose not to activate it and prefer to renew their domain manually. This will create a possibility for human errors, for example you might forget to renew your domain name. Another problem that might occur is the expiration of your credit card on file without your knowledge.

These problems can lead to your domain name being expired, and when that happens it will be available for other people to buy. The worst that can happen is that your accidentally expiring domain is purchased by your competitor and you cannot do anything about it.

Fortunately nowadays many domain name services offer a protection for your domain. With this kind of protection, they will hold onto your domain after expiring for a certain period of time and they will send out reminders to make sure that you know that your domain is expiring before they finally release it back to the market. Make sure you choose a company that offers this kind of extra protection. With so many domain name services that exist nowadays, you might feel a bit overwhelmed when you have to sort out to choose the one that is best for your needs. However, by following this simple guidance you would be able to find the right company that can give excellent services at a reasonable price.

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