Domain Registration And Hosting

Domain Registration And Hosting Guide

domain registration and hosting

Planning a website or thinking about starting an online business is not enough. If you are planning and then moving away, you are hurting your future. What seems to be the problem? Is web development bothering you or the concern is domain registration and hosting? Are you afraid of budget issues? Or maybe you are not very educated on the topic!! Let me ease it for you!

You thought of making a blogging site. What would be the purpose? Do you want to upload blogs on health and nutrition? Okay! Now think of an attractive unique name. Try these;

  • Healthy Nutrition By Me
  • Eat nutritiously to stay healthy
  • Health & Nutrition – A click away guide

Above are some of the blogging site name examples. Now once you have finalized the name of the blogging site; head to choosing domain registration. There are multiple websites offering domain registration and hosting. You have to choose the one you trust. is also a trustworthy site to buy domains.

Check for these sample domains, and remember that worthy domains are .com and all other domains are not wide searched but are cheap. Below are only a few examples and the list is much longer.

Domain names for the title “Healthy Nutrition By Me”

Domain names for the title “Eat Nutritious to Stay Healthy”

Domain names for the title “Health & Nutrition – A Click Away Guide”

Visit the site and type in any of the domains and search. You will find a list of the available domains. Buy the one you think is good for your business. According to experts, domain names with fewer characters are more attractive. Like you can choose;;; etc. Your domain name is the better identification of your website.

Web Hosting

After choosing a domain; you have to select hosting. Your domain will be hosted by the servers to facilitate your users. Again, the market offers multiple hosting companies. Subscription plans vary and some are cheap while others are costly. The best time to buy hosting is when it’s Black Friday or Christmas or New Year Sale. Companies offer exciting rates during these events. Also, coupon codes in the promotional campaigns seem interesting and worthy.

Why Domain – Determine search engine rankings; easy and short domains with .com suffix are helpful for good ranking. It is the URL address that online explorers type to visit the web pages. Take it as your web page is a shop in the market, and the domain name is the address of your shop. Moving into the details; you would have known about the Internet (a network of different PCs interconnected through cables). To differentiate among the PCs, unique IP addresses are allotted. IP Address is in this format;

You are a human being and you definitely can’t function as a computer. So, it is difficult for you to remember IPs for every web page. Hence, domain names are the solutions to this issue. It is easy to remember phrases made of alphabets instead of numbers.

Web Hosting

Why Hosting – Offers a route to an online universe of knowledge; manages databases. Hosting is symbolized as the shop where all of your data is available. Let’s fit this in the example; your domain name was the shop address and now hosting is the shop. None of the web pages on search engines is without hosting.

Your user entered the URL in the search box; the IP address is computed from your web hosting firm’s PC. This PC contains all your data files, and upon request; sends them back to your user search engine. A professional web hosting company will manage your website files in a bug-free environment.

Outsourcing the Project

When you will look for a web developer they will offer you their domain registration and hosting services. According to experts, it will be costly. It is advised to buy your domain and host yourself and then contact the web developer for the web design. The web developer will use your registered domain and hosting to live your website. In this way, you will be saving a lot of pennies.

Take Away

Finding a reliable domain registration and hosting service is easier. Navigate to and avail the best offers. You will save your time and will prevent many problems from coming your way. There are various hosting and domain plans offered. Recommended are 2-year hosting and domain plans. It saves you enough money and time. Meanwhile, you can focus on other components. Because domain registration and hosting is not the only concern. Amazingly, some websites offer a free 1-year domain with hosting. Don’t miss such offers.

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