eCommerce website design

eCommerce website design

COVID-19 messed up the whole world with a drastic push to online businesses and thus eCommerce web design services. Earlier, people had low trust in online shopping and only a few businesses were selling a significant proportion. Nowadays, every second person in the next house is involved in online selling.

People are selling physical and digital products online with customized eCommerce stores. Competition is growing fast and it’s really a hard nut to crack now. The reason is that eCommerce website design makes out most of the impression. People avoid eCommerce stores with bad graphics and low appealing web portfolios. To make your space in the market, your website design should be strong enough to encourage customers for buying.

E-commerce business is the most profitable business if invested rightly at the right time. It’s advised that don’t compromise on quality eCommerce web design services for the sake of budget. Spending 100-500$ on average for a quality web design is not risky.

There are most chances of increased sales when customers find your website professional. Professionality here hides in the functionality and outlook of your eCommerce store. As much functional your store is, the more incredibility points it will earn.

E-commerce Web Design Characteristics

There exist a few important features of an eCommerce web design. Marketing campaigns and product lists contribute a lot. Your product page should be designed professionally. Plugins should be the latest and compatible with your eCommerce theme.

The things for sale should be the centre of attention on an e-commerce site. An expensive design that isn’t justified will likely affect the impression of your site. It will bring attention to the site’s design rather than the products.

When you look through different e-commerce sites, you’ll note that many of them have a very simple design and layout. This design is ideal for e-commerce because it focuses on the products rather than the design. The user experience can also be improved by keeping the design and layout simple. Navigation feasibility is a plus point to simple designs.

Online selling restricts buyers from physical testing of the product prior to buying. Hence, HD quality pictures will better display the product. 3D images in HD quality are more trendy to ease the process of buying for buyers. The designer should upload high-resolution pictures from different angles. Product images are a crucial indicator of company image. So, this should not be taken for granted.

The ability of the consumer to find exactly what he/she is looking for in the early criteria for selling online. Navigation is vital for every website, but it’s extremely important for e-commerce businesses. Missed purchases will result from lost visitors, so make every effort to build a site with easy, logical navigation.

Because of the large number of products available on e-commerce sites, navigation is frequently a challenge. Big e-commerce stores, must be extra careful with navigation because having more options makes locating the ideal product more difficult. Many e-commerce sites try plugins to help users locate exactly what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

One thing to think about is how the average visitor will look for a specific product. What makes sense to the designer may not make sense to the typical visitor looking for a product. User experience critically affects the success of your online store. Customers will abandon their carts with things left unpurchased if the checkout process has too many steps or is confusing.

The checkout process should, in general, have as many steps as feasible and be as simple as possible for customers. Allow visitors to buy without having to sign up on the website. If they do need to register an account, be sure there are no more steps beyond creating a password.

The eCommerce web design should be mobile-friendly and user-centred. The more interactive UI, the more are chances of sales.

Why Quack Builder for eCommerce Web Design?

Quack Builder is an ideal choice if you are looking for eCommerce web design services. Web designers at Quack Builder will take you on the board for a detailed discussion about your preview of the website. Experts are in the field for years and are kind enough to listen to each minor and major requirement. The goal of every team member is to help you grow your company. The team works with sincerity to customize your ideas in your favour. Once you hire them, forget about delivery concerts, because they stick to their deadlines. Don’t be tense about script designs, because designers will create original web designs for you.


In the article, eCommerce web design is explained in terms of a knowledge bank for business owners looking for a web design agency. Owners should be curious about how his/her website will be made and can request necessary corrections meantime. Quack Builder is a reliable web design agency to fulfill your goals of an amazing eCommerce store.

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