How to get a domain name

How to get a domain name

How to get a domain name and what’s its importance?

Are you done creating a website and have managed all the content too? Well, now the most important thing that you have to do is to get a domain name for your website. You see, your domain name serves as your very own unique identity card on internet, this way you can protect your trademarks and copyrights and also, it gives your business or organization a professional look. Now, here in this article we are going to give you a brief introduction about what a domain name is, why is necessary to get and how can you get a domain name for your website?

Domain Name

A domain name, also known as DNS is basically a naming system which provides address for your web servers and web pages. Many people mistake the domain name as the URL but you should know that these two are totally different terms. Domain name is kind of a nickname to your website and in case you have a website then you definitely should consider getting your own domain name as soon as possible.

What importance does it hold?

You might be wondering why we are focusing so much on getting a domain name. Well, there are quite a lot of benefits and advantages that it comes with which are going to make your online business more successful. For example;

  • If you are running an online business then your domain name will increase your credibility because people prefer to do business with the websites that are having a domain name, it gives your business a more professional look!
  • Your domain name somehow provides an aura of respectability to your website because your DNS attracts good sponsors (advertisers) which further leads to more revenue!
  • It builds your brand, a good domain name that is relevant and reflects what your website is about will benefit you a lot. Your customers will be able to remember and return to it if you have a relevant and easy domain name.
  • Your domain name can help you put ahead of your companies as it indicates that you are quite a forward thinker and are up to date regarding the emerging technologies and also, you are a part of the digital revolution which is quite impressive for your customers and other businesses.

How to get a Domain Name?

Now, the last question that might pop up in your mind is that how can you get yourself a domain name. Well, its quite an easy process. What basically you have to do is, you need to get your domain name registered within an organization called ICANN. For that you need to go to a domain registrar and pay him a small amount of registration fee after that you can have a domain name for one whole year. You need to go pay the same fee on annual basis and get your domain name renewed.  There are web hosts too who take the fees of the registrar and get your domain name registered but that is a bit risky as there have been cases in the past where the web hosts made themselves the owner of the website and then changed the settings of the website and charged a lot of fee without any reason, which is why being the owner yourself is very important here.

There is a huge competition going on in the domain name registrars and you might get confused about who should you consult too. Don’t worry about that too, here are the three top highly-reputed registrars that will help you all through the process!

We hope this article was of great help to you!

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