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Blogging Guides: Website Name Registration

Website Name Registration

Hey novice bloggers! This article is for you! You are going to do blogging on your favorite niche. Have you decided on the title for your Blogging site? If yes, it implies that you are near to finalizing the website name registration. You are putting yourself in long-term trouble if you ignore the significant need for domain registration.

Before you proceed, here is the disclaimer; “Choose domain name intelligently, it is not recommended to change domain names again and again”.

Another challenging decision in the way is to first decide your main goal. Whether the main target is to build a concrete brand image or only the blog. Well, we understand that not everyone is blogging to earn money. There can be bloggers looking forward to concentrating on the issues of society.

Many bloggers still want to earn money, and thus search engine ranking bothers them. So, decide carefully about whether to build a personal blog or a social blog. The answer to this question will make it easy to decide the domain name.

Personal Blog domain name selection versus Community Blog Domain name selection

If this is your personal blog; then your own name is the best match while looking for domain availability. For example; your name is John, and you may look for;, etc. The best point here is that it makes website name registration easier and your blog will have a unique and easy-to-remember URL.

Next, if it is not a personal blog; then for a community blog; you should look for these things.

  • Niche (Health and fitness; traveling; sports; entertainment, etc)
  • Keywords in your niche
  • SEO optimized domain selection
  • Purpose of the blogging platform; if you are looking forward to monetizing; think ahead

Things to consider while choosing a blog name

  • The simple domain name (not much messy by adding in more alphabets) should be chosen, and there exist no spaces in the URL.
  • Think out of the cage; it is recommended to work in multiple niches. Choose a blog name offering flexible scope in any niche.
  • If you are a web developer and plan to sell websites in the future; then think more critically. In this case, domain name can’t be your real name; instead, choose a business name.
  • Choose domain extension carefully; .com is suggested.
  • Don’t upload plagiarism content and consider other legal implications as well.

Jist: Be careful because later if you change the domain name, you will be facing a branding and technical-related mess.

The domain name is your blog identity

Before the content, the URL and the blog title are what come in contact with the reader. So it should be catchy and SEO optimized. Whether you are offering web development services, or it is your portfolio as a brand ambassador, or even if it is a traveling blog, website name registration matters.

An SEO-friendly Blog title is not enough until followed by SEO optimized domain name. Well, a domain name is not a pure determinant of high rankings in search engines. But yeah, it facilitates somehow.

If you keep blog and name alike; you are hitting 2 bonuses. 

  1. Paving the way for your readers to remember the theme and associated features
  2. Search engines can easily do crawling, indexing, and ranking of your blog.

It is often seen that URL and Blog Titles differ and it negatively affects website indexing. To avoid such clashes, it is advised to keep them the same. It will also save your audience from running into the difficulty of remembering 2 names for a single blog. Your name should also reflect the theme of the blog; it implies that keep it descriptive.

Keep in mind here that extra consciousness is required on selecting a brand domain name then selecting a domain for a personal blog. In short, quality domains are descriptive but short.

How much costly is a domain?

As you are free to buy a domain from any company regardless of locating their headquarters. Similarly, they offer you varied prices. You can buy a domain with a minimum 1.5$ to a maximum 30$+ per year. There are some expensive services offering 35$+ annually. A few hosting providers offer one-time buying until you are using their hosting services. Some allow free access to the domain for a year only.

To check competitive prices in the market; scroll website name registration services pricing on the web. You may check URL availability and then further proceed to checkout.


The blogging guide is briefly explained in this article in the context of website name registration. Take a start with domain selection and pause after buying hosting. The next steps are for the developers. Your job ends here. Once domain selection is finalized and purchase is done, hand over the hosting and domain panels to the developer. Comment below your decided domain name and associated features.

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